Our company envisions a future where humanity harnesses the boundless potential of space resources in a responsible and sustainable manner. We strive to be a global leader in providing cutting-edge information and consultancy services related to space resource utilization and exploitation, contributing to the advancement of space exploration, and supporting the prosperity of human activities beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Our vision is to empower the world with knowledge, facilitating informed decisions and fostering international collaboration in the pursuit of a thriving space economy, by preserving at the same time the cosmic wonders for generations to come.


Our mission is to collect, analyze, and disseminate comprehensive information on the utilization and exploitation of space resources. We aim to equip stakeholders with the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of space resources regulations and technology, ensuring transparency, ethical conduct, compliance, and adherence to best practices. Furthermore, we aim to support persons, companies and organizations in mitigating the many and various risks related to venturing into the space resources business or to investing in it. Finally, we want to drive the development of sustainable space industries, promote ethical resource utilization, and address the challenges that arise in this pioneering field. We are committed to fostering cooperation, advocating for responsible resource management for the global benefit.


Regulatory uncertainties, technical complexities, and high costs are prominent risks that demand careful management. Environmental impact, space debris, and geopolitical tensions must be addressed to ensure responsible operations and preserve the scientific and cultural value of celestial bodies. Balancing economic viability with ethical concerns, resource uncertainty, and public perception requires meticulous planning and collaboration. As pioneers in this domain, our commitment lies in mitigating risks, fostering international cooperation, and propelling humanity towards a sustainable and prosperous future in space.


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